This is what makes us great…..YOU!

To Our Customers

We will always strive to provide the best dining experience in the area.  It is you, our customer, that makes us great!  

A little cliché….

  Ok, a whole lot of “cliché”….

         But, we really mean it….

                We love our customers!

We have fun too…

We take our job here seriously to the point of making sure you get quality food and great service.  However, we don’t take ourselves too seriously - we love to have fun too!

Keep up with us….

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Nothing beats a cute baby!

"Hmmm....Mountainside bacon cheeseburger or Mountainside Philly chicken???? Life can be so difficult sometimes!"

You too, will have a hard time choosing!

We are excited to have the opportunity to bring our love of food to the Crozet community.  With experience chefs and management focused on quality food and the desire to offer an atmosphere of family and fun.  Our goal is to make sure our customers enjoy fresh food, cold drinks, and a warm and inviting smile from our staff.  We hope to establish our place in Crozet's dining community.