Yes, We Cater too!

Yep, this is great news!

Do you have an event that needs great food?  We know of someone that can help…US!

Give us a call and tell us what you have going on and we can put together a plan that will make your guest be glad they came!

Call today for more info:   (434) 823-7080

  What’s Happening?

We now have online ordering ! ! !

Check out our online menu for details!

Come by and enjoy our patio and an ice cold brew!

Great Food

Check out our menu page for our selection of delicious foods, great beers and fine wines.

Fun Atmosphere

Our place is laid back and comfortable. TVs bring you the game. We bring you the yum!

Enjoy the Fresh Air

We have a great patio area so you can enjoy the beautiful view, fresh air, and some good tunes!


It’s Still Summer - but fall is around the corner!

Come and enjoy our patio dining area!